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Past Unreal (Untrue) Conditionals

Type the correct verb form for each RESULT-CLAUSE.
When you are done, click on the Check Answers button to check your answers.

 Conditional Rules Help Box

Use "would" in your answers.
1. If the weather had been nice, we (to go) swimming.
Was the weather nice today? yes or no?
Did we go swimming? yes or no?
2.  My family (to visit) the zoo if the weather had been nice yesterday.
Was the weather nice yesterday? yes or no?
Did my family visit the zoo? yes or no?
3.  If I had bought a lottery ticket, I (to waste) one dollar!
Did I buy a lottery ticket?  yes or no?
Did I waste my money? yes or no?
4. My friend (to write) a letter if she had had my address.
Did my friend have my address? yes or no?
Did she write to a letter to me? yes or no?
5.  I (to get) a promotion if I hadn't been late to work ten times.
Did I get a promotion? yes or no?
Was I late? yes or no?
6. My supervisor (not rise) to the top if she hadn't been a good employee.
Did she rise to the top? yes or no?
Was she a bad employee? yes or no?
7. If Stephan had been at work, he (not be) in that accident.
Did Stephan go to work? yes or no?
Was he in an accident? yes or no?
8.  My son (not wash) his car if it hadn't been Saturday.
Is it Saturday? yes or no?
Did my son wash his car today? yes or no?
9.  If the factory had hired more workers, it (fall) behind schedule.
Did the factory hire more workers? yes or no?
Did the factory fall behind schedule? yes or no?
10. We (not learn) anything if we hadn't studied.
Did we study? yes or no?
Did we learn? yes or no?

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