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Present/Future Unreal (Untrue) Conditionals

Type the correct verb form for each RESULT-CLAUSE.
When you are done, click on the Check Answers button to check your answers.

 Conditional Rules Help Box

Use "would" in your answers.
1. If the weather were nice, we (to go) swimming.
Is the weather nice today? yes or no? 
Are we going to go swimming? yes or no? 
2.  My family (to go) to the zoo if the weather were nice tomorrow.
Will the weather be nice tomorrow? yes or no? 
Will my family go to the zoo tomorrow? yes or no? 
3.  If I bought a lottery ticket, I (to waste) one dollar!
Did I buy a lottery ticket?  yes or no? 
Will I waste my money? yes or no? 
4. My brother (to drive) to school if he had gas in his car.
Does my brother have gas in his car? yes or no? 
Will he drive to school? yes or no? 
5.  My mom (to bake) a cake if she had enough flour and sugar.
Does she have enough flour and sugar? yes or no? 
Will she bake a cake? yes or no? 
6. My brother (not drive) to school if he didn't get his car fixed.
Did he get his car fixed? yes or no? 
Can he drive to school? yes or no? 
7. If it didn't snow today, we (not go) skiing.
Did it snow today? yes or no? 
Can we go skiing today? yes or no? 
8.  My dad (not wash) his car if it weren't Saturday.
Is it Saturday? yes or no? 
Can my dad wash his car today? yes or no? 
9.  If we didn't go to school every day, my mom (get) angry.
Do we go to school every day? yes or no? 
Is my mom angry? yes or no? 
10. We (not learn) anything if we didn't do our homework.
Do we do our homework? yes or no? 
Are we learning? yes or no? 

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