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Top 20 Confusing Words Quiz 2

READ the sentence. CHOOSE the answer. Get your score!

1. What did you ___ at the store?
(a) buy (b) by (c) bye

2. The dog ate ___ dinner.
(a) it's (b) its

3. May I borrow ___ pencil, please?
(a) your (b) you're

4. That window is ___. You can't open it.
(a) stationery (b) stationary

5. What is that over ___? It looks like a machine, but I'm not sure.
(a) their (b) there (c) they're

6. I ___ a new novel to read last week.
(a) chose (b) choose

7. Thank you for the ___ on my new hairstyle.
(a) complement (b) compliment

8. Beth looked ___ the magazine and read a few articles.
(a) threw (b) through

9. The ___ idea behind my theory is simple. Let me explain...
(a) principal (b) principle

10. My parents didn't ___ here to the U.S., but my grandparents did.
(a) emigrate (b) immigrate

You have correct answers out of 10

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