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Comparatives - Irregular Words

Choose the correct completion.
1) (far) This old house is _____ away than that new house.
a) farrer
b) more further
c) further
d) furtherer

3) (well) He speaks English _____ than before.
a) weller
b) better
c) more better
d) more well

5) (bad) Finding half a worm in your apple is ____ than finding a whole worm.
a) more bad
b) badder
c) worst
d) worse

7) (little) Lee is _____ serious than Jennifer.
a) littler
b) less
c) lesser
d) more little

9) (well) I am doing _____ on this quiz than on the last quiz!
a) more well
b) more better
c) better
d) weller
2) (good) Terry is _____ in math than Chris.
a) better
b) more better
c) gooder
d) more gooder

4) (well-liked) In our home, cats are _____ than dogs.
a) gooder
b) more better-liked
c) weller-liked
d) better-liked

6) (badly) Cindy Crawford sings _____ than Madonna!
a) more badly
b) badlier
c) worse
d) worsely

8) (good) Theresa is _____ at Volleyball than Tennis.
a) gooder
b) better
c) more good
d) more better

10) (far) My cat Neko can run _____ than my other cat.
a) more farther
b) farther
c) more further
d) farer
Review comparative spelling rules

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