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Comparatives - Two or More Syllable Words (not ending in Y)

Choose the correct completion.
1) (interesting) This old house is _____ than that new house.
a) interestinger
b) more interestinger
c) more interesting
d) interesting

3) (dangerous) Driving a car is _____ than jumping out of an airplane.
a) dangerous
b) more dangerous
c) more dangerouser
d) dangerouser

5) (disgusting) Cockroaches are definitely _____ than butterlies.
a) more disgustinger
b) disgustinger
c) disgusting
d) more disgusting

7) (serious) Janet is ____ than her sister, Jennifer.
a) serious
b) more serious
c) seriouser
d) more seriouser

9) (detailed) This design is _____ than the other design.
a) more detaileder
b) detaileder
c) more detailed
d) detailed
2) (intelligent) An adult elephant is ____ than a baby elephant.
a) more intelligent
b) more intelligenter
c) intelligenter
d) intelligent

4) (adventurous) I think kittens are ____ than puppies.
a) adventurouser
b) more adventurouser
c) adventurous
d) more adventurous

6) (dazzling) Diamonds are _____ than rocks.
a) more dazzlinger
b) dazzlinger
c) more dazzling
d) dazzling

8) (comfortable) The red sweater is ____ than the blue sweater.
a) comfortable
b) more comfortable
c) comfortableer
d) more comfortabler

10) (entertaining) My cat Sebastian is ____ than my other cat, Neko.
a) entertaining
b) more entertaining
c) more entertaininger
d) entertaininger
Review comparative spelling rules

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