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Comparatives - two syllable words ending in Y

Choose the correct completion.
1) (pretty) This old house is _____ than that new house.
a) pretty
b) more prettier
c) prettier
d) more prettyer

3) (happy) Watching TV makes me ____ than cleaning my room.
a) happy
b) happier
c) more happier
d) happyer

5) (ugly) Cockroaches are definitely ____ than butterlies.
a) more uglier
b) uglyer
c) ugly
d) uglier

7) (peppy) Jack is much ____ than his sister, Jennifer.
a) peppy
b) peppier
c) peppyer
d) more peppyer

9) (easy) This quiz is _____ than the next quiz!
a) more easier
b) easyer
c) easier
d) easy
2) (busy) Andrew is ____ in school than his sister.
a) busier
b) more busy
c) more busyer
d) busyer

4) (fluffy) I think kittens are ____ than puppies.
a) fluffyer
b) more fluffyer
c) fluffy
d) fluffier

6) (salty) Ocean water is ____ than fresh water.
a) more saltyer
b) saltyer
c) saltier
d) salty

8) (heavy) The red sweater is ____ than the blue sweater.
a) heavy
b) heavier
c) heavyer
d) more heavy

10) (friendly) My cat Sebastian is _____ than my other cat, Neko.
a) friendly
b) friendlier
c) more friendlier
d) friendly
Review comparative spelling rules

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