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Reduced Adverb Clauses - Quiz 2

Choose the correct answer to finish each sentence.

1) After ___, I needed to get a second job to pay off my gambling debts.
A)I return from Las Vegas
B)returning from Las Vegas
C)return from Las Vegas
D)returned from Las Vegas

2) While ___ grammar, the students became confused.
A)we were studied
C)were studying

3) Before ___, I always turn off the coffee maker.
A)my house leaving
B)leaving my house
C)I leaving my house
D)left my house

4) Since ___ her MBA degree, Gisela found a great job with a major company in Germany.
A)she achieving
B)she has been achieving

5) ___ yesterday, we saw many seagulls.
A)Walking along the beach
B)While we walking along the beach
C)During walking along the beach
D)Walking along the beach we

6) While ___ school, I saw a terrible car accident.
A)walking home school
B)walking home from
C)walked home from
D)I walking home from

7) ___ the age of 18, Max was finally able to vote in the country's election.
A)Upon reaching
C)As reaching
D)When reached

8) ___, Martha was dancing to the music.
A)Sam was talking to his friend while
B)While Sam was talking to his friend
C)While Sam was talked to his friend
D)While Sam talking to his friend

9) ___ , a gentleman found a wallet with $500 in it.
A)While shopped at the mall
B)Shopping at the mall while she
C)While shopping at the mall
D)While she shopping at the mall

10) ___ the necessary requirements, Frank couldn't complete his project.
A)Because lacking
B)When lacking

You havecorrect answers out 10

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