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Reduced Adverb Clauses - Quiz 1

Choose the correct verb to finish the sentence.

1) ___ so dry during the summer, it is forbidden to light camp fires.
A)Being the hills in our area
B)Being that the hills in our area are
C)The hills in our area are being
D)Because the hills in our area

2) Since ___ in English class, Lee has made many friends.
A)Lee enrolls
C)Lee enrolling

3) ___ to ride a bicycle, he walked to work every morning.
A)Because he unable
B)Being unable
C)Be unable
D)Because he were unable

4) Unable to walk the entire 10 miles, Peter decided to drop out of the hike, ___ him a leg cramp.
A)his new shoes gave
B)his new shoes had been given
C)which his new shoes having given
D)his new shoes having given

5) I feel asleep ___ to the radio.
A)while listening
B)while I listen
C)while listened
D)during I was listening

6) Larry always watches TV after ___ the dishes.
C)he washed
D)he wash

7) ___ to an example on the board, the teacher carefully explained the meaning of "gerunds."
C)While she pointing
D)While she pointed

8) ___ our bikes, a mysterious car followed us down the street. 
A)While we had ridden
B)While we were riding
C)We were riding while
D)While riding we were

9) Sara went back to her bedroom ___ the phone.
A)after talking her on
B)after talked on
C)after talking on
D)talked on

10) ___, I discovered that my stereo system had been stolen.
A)On that coming home
B)When I come home
C)Coming home when I
D)Upon coming home

You have correct answers out 10

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