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Using Nouns as Adjectives 2

Mary ate some (soup that tasted delicious)
Mary ate some delicious soup.
              adjective + noun


Mary ate some (soup made from vegetables)
Mary ate some vegetable soup
                 noun + noun


READ the sentence, CHOOSE the correct answer, and get your score instantly!

1) They sell shoes at that store - it's a ___.
A) store shoe
B) shoe store
C) shoes store
D) stores shoes

2) Nancy's garden has flowers in it. She has a beautiful ___.
A) flowers garden
B) garden flowers
C) flower garden
D) garden flower
3) You can buy food for babies in small jars. You can buy___.
A) foods babies
B) babies foods
C) food baby
D) baby food
4) A machine for sending faxes is called a ___ .
A) fax machine
B) machine fax
C) faxes machine
D) machines faxes
5) A kitchen tool for peeling potatoes is called a___.
A) potatoes peelers
B) potatoes peeler
C) potato peeler
D) peeler potato
6) In a fancy restaurant you find many forks on the table. The fork used for eating salad is called a ___.
A) forks salads
B) salads fork
C) forks salad
D) salad fork
7) A vase for holding flowers is called a ___.
A) flower vase
B) vase flower
C) flowers vase
D) vases flowers
8) Seed for birds to eat is called ___.
A) birdsseed
B) birdseed
C) seedbird
D) seedsbird
9) Tests of your grammar are called ___.
A) grammars tests
B) tests grammar
C) grammar tests
D) grammar test
10) Jason and his friends played in a game of baseball. They played a ___.
A) game baseball
B) baseball game
C) games baseball
D) baseballs games

You have correct answers out of 10

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