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Adjective Order

Adjective Order Help Box

Adjectives follow a certain order:
Opinion, Size, Age, Shape, Color, Nationality, Material, Purpose
1) Susan has ________ car. a) an old blue
b) a blue old
c) an blue old
2) There is a ____ vase on the table. a) cheap plastic old
b) plastic cheap
c) cheap plastic
3) Jillian is ____ student. a) a Chinese young interesting
b) an interesting young Chinese
c) an Chinese interesting
4) She is my ____ friend. a) old new
b) old dear
c) dear old
5) There are _____ pictures in this magazine. a) interesting computer-generated new
b) interesting new computer-generated
c) computer-generated interesting new
6) Lara goes to a ________ temple every week. a) historic Japanese beautiful
b) Japanese beautiful historic
c) beautiful historic Japanese
7) I found some mistakes in my _____ homework assignment! a) difficult English
b) long new
c) historic long
8) The teacher taught many ____ things to the students. a) factual interesting
b) interesting factual
c) new factual interesting
9) Many ____ babies like milk. a) crying old
b) young crying
c) crying young
10) I like to listen to ______ music after dinner. a) soft relaxing orchestra
b) relaxing orchestra soft
c) orchestra soft relaxing

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