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Adjectives of Quantity

Choose the correct adjective of quantity.

1) Jack has ________ cars. a) two new
b) a blue
c) one old
2) There are ____ books on the desk. a) one
b) any
c) eight
3) Monday is the ____ day of the week. a) every
b) first
c) medium
4) ____ friends like to talk. a) Much
b) Every
c) Most
5) There are _____ pictures in this magazine. a) any
b) some
c) most
6) Shawn plays football ________ Saturday. a) many
b) one
c) every
7) I found too ______ mistakes in my work. a) many
b) every
c) much
8) The supervisor talked about _____ things. a) any
b) many
c) less
9) ____ children like ice cream. a) Any
b) Most
c) Each
10) I like to watch ______ TV after work. a) some
b) many
c) every

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