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Adjective + Infinitive 3

In this exercise, we'll practice using infinitives after adjectives.
Study these examples and then complete the exercise below.
I'm happy to meet you.
She's glad to help him.
I'm not afraid to touch a snake.
Type in the correct verb form for each sentence. 
Then click on the Check Answers button.
(study) 1. Students are happy  at the English Zone.
(learn) 2. They're glad  English quickly and easily.
(practice) 3. Some people are delighted  English on the internet.
(speak) 4. But some people are embarrassed  English because they are shy.
(be) 5. I'm very lucky  a student because some people cannot go to school.
(go) 6. Are you ready  ?
(hear) 7. Sam was dissapointed  the news.
(be) 8. Terry is proud  an artist.
(work) 9. The students are too tired  on their project now.
(finish) 10. They will be happy  it tomorrow.

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