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Adjective + Infinitive 2
In this exercise, we'll practice using infinitives after adjectives.
Study these examples and then complete the exercise below.
I'm happy to meet you.
She's glad to help him.
I'm not afraid to touch a snake.

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1. I'm hungry!  you ready to eat?
2. a) Hello, My name is Arnold.
   b) Hi Arnold! We  very pleased to meet you.
3. Mel  very sad to see that Jennifer is married.
4. Mel Gibson  proud to be a movie star.
5. After his car accident, Frank  lucky to be alive.
6.  you afraid to touch a snake?
7. Jennifer  prepared to quit acting.
8. Brad  glad to be married to Jennifer.
9. Many women  unhappy to hear that Brad got married!
10. Many men  glad to know that Jennifer got married.

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