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Adjective Clauses with Subject Pronouns

Study these examples:

I thanked the man. He helped me.
-->  I thanked the man who helped me.
-->  I thanked the man that helped me.


The pen is mine. It is on the desk.
--> The pen which is on the desk is mine.
--> The pen that is on the desk is mine.
Combine the two sentences into one sentence using an adjective clause.
1) I know a doctor. He is a kidney specialist. (use: who)
2) He is the boy. He broke the window. (use: that)
3) The runners are proud. They finished the race. (use: who)
4) The book is a grammar book. It is on the table. (use: that)
5) The book is a vocabulary book. It is on the chair. (use: which)
6) The bus driver was friendly. He took me to the train station. (use: who)
7) The bus driver is rude. He usually drives me to work. (use: that)
8) We are doing exercises. They contain adjective clauses. (use: which)
9) She is the girl. She is in my conversation class. (use: who)
10) He is the guy. He is in my grammar class. (use: that)

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