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Adjective Clauses with WHOSE

Let's practice adjective clauses with WHOSE.
Study these examples:

I know the policeman. His dog bit a man.
--> I know the policeman whose dog bit a man.
I bought an antique vase. Its value is priceless.
-->I bought an antique vase whose value is priceless.
Combine the two sentences into one sentence using an adjective clause.
1) I know the doctor. His wife is a nurse.
2) He is the boy. His bicycle was stolen.
3) I apologized to the man. I bumped his elbow.
4) The woman called the police. Her purse was stolen.
5) The teacher is very intelligent. I am taking her class.
6) The man was very kind. Sara visited his house.
7) I come from a city. Its museums are world-famous.
8) The parents are thrilled. Their daughter won the Miss America pageant.
9) She is the girl. Her dress was torn on that nail.
10) They are the students. Their teacher scolded them.

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