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Let's practice FORMAL adjective clauses.
Study these examples:

I know the man. Mary is talking to him.
-->  I know the man to whom Mary is talking.
I saw the picture. You were pointing at it.
-->I saw the picture at which you were pointing.
Combine the two sentences into one sentence using an adjective clause.
1) I know the doctor. The nurse is working with her.
2) This is the computer. The repairman worked on it yesterday.
3) The concert was good. We listened to it last night.
4) She is the woman. I gave a book to her.
5) She is the woman. I told you about her.
6) The man was very kind. I spoke to him on the phone.
7) I must thank the teachers. I got advice from them.
8) The little girl is sitting over there. I was telling you about her.
9) That is the building. I live in that building.
10) They are the students. The teacher yelled at them.

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