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Adjective or Adverb? 3

READ the sentence. CHOOSE the answer. Get your score!

1. If you ask ___, I will give it to you.
(a) politely (b) polite

2. Why are you so ___?
(a) angrily (b) angry

3. This situation requires a ___ investigation.
(a) serious (b) seriously

4. Jessica writes so ___. Look at these mistakes.
(a) careless (b) carelessly

5. Max is a ___ talker, but he never listens.
(a) fastly (b) fast

6. If you want tourists to visit your country, you must treat them ___.
(a) pleasantly (b) pleasant

7. Try to be a ___ speaker if you are giving a speech.
(a) clearly (b) clear

8. They shouted ___ at each other.
(a) angrily (b) angry

9. Sara opened the door ___.
(a) slow (b) slowly

10. I didn't sleep __ last night, so I'm tired today.
(a) good (b) well

You have correct answers out of 10

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