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Pronunciation of Final -S/-ES 2

Voiceless sounds take /s/
Imagine the sound a snake 
might make...ssssssssss
Voiced sounds take /z/
Imagine the sound a bee 
might make...zzzzzzzz
These sounds take /iz/

Similar to the word 'is'

These sounds are voiceless:
/f/ /h/ /k/ /p/ /t/ 
These sounds are voiced:
/b/ /d/ /g/ /j/ /l/ /m/
/n/ /ng/ /r/ /v/ /w/
+ all vowel sounds
/s/ /ks/ /z/ /dg/
laughs /laefs/
talks /toks/
rubs / rubz/
sings /singz/
kisses /kisiz/
boxes /boksiz/

Choose the correct ending sound for these words:

1) songs                          2) dances
/s/ /z/ /iz/   /s/ /z/ /iz/

3) books   4) news
/s/ /z/ /iz/   /s/ /z/ /iz/

5) flowers   6) diamonds
/s/ /z/ /iz/   /s/ /z/ /iz/

7) roses   8) daisies
/s/ /z/ /iz/   /s/ /z/ /iz/

 9) sweets   10) boxes
/s/ /z/ /iz/   /s/ /z/ /iz/

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