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Pronunciation of Final -D/-ED 2

Voiceless sounds take /t/ Voiced sounds take /d/ These sounds take /id/
(Rhymes with 'mid')
These sounds are voiceless:
/f/ /h/ /k/ /ks/ /p/ /s/ /t/
These sounds are voiced:
/b/ /d/ /dg/ /g/ /j/ /l/ /m/
/n/ /ng/ /r/ /v/ /w/ /z/
+ all vowel sounds
/t/ /d/
laughed /laeft/
talked /tokt/
rubbed / rubd/
hugged /hugd/
painted /peintid/
added /adid/

Choose the correct ending sound for these words:

1. Hank cried over his girlfriend.        2. Sam flooded his basement.
/t/ /d/ /id/   /t/ /d/ /id/

3. Peter mopped the bathroom floor.   4. He hoped for a good grade.
/t/ /d/ /id/   /t/ /d/ /id/

5. Kaye poured a glass of tea.   6. Petra vacuumed her bedroom.
/t/ /d/ /id/   /t/ /d/ /id/

7. I wanted to go to Disneyland.   8. John filled his car with gasoline.
/t/ /d/ /id/   /t/ /d/ /id/

9. Frank hoped to pass his class.   10. She needed to study yesterday.
/t/ /d/ /id/   /t/ /d/ /id/


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