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NOUN CLAUSES - Using Infinitives
Imperatives (Commands):
Beginning of 
noun clause
Complement (Ending)
Policeman: "Turn left on Post Road."
The policeman said
to turn
left on Post Road.
Cashier: "Drop a dollar into the basket."
The cashier told me
to drop
a dollar into the basket.
Father: "Don't ask your mother for lunch money."
My father said
not to ask
my mother for lunch money.
Coworker: "Speak to the supervisor about that."
My coworker told me
to speak
to the supervisor about that.
Directions: Combine the two sentences into one sentence using a noun clause with an infinitive.
1. Mother: "Go to the grocery store."

2. Mother: "Pick up some juice."

3. Mother: "And get a dozen eggs."

4. Teacher: "Answer question number five."

5. Teacher: "Write the answers in complete sentences."

6. Teacher: "And read chapter nine in the history book."

7. Teacher: "Don't forget about the baseball game tomorrow."

8. Doctor: "Don't eat so much salt."

9. Doctor: "Start eating more vegetables."

10. Doctor: "Exercise for 20 minutes every day."

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