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Good or Well?
GOOD - adjective
WELL - adverb
Good describes a noun or pronoun. 
Well describes a verb. 
She is a good student.
What kind of student?   A good student
She speaks English well.
How does she speak English?  She speaks well.
The School Concert
READ the sentence, CHOOSE the answer, and get your score instantly!
1. How ___ can the students at your school sing?
A) good B) well
2)  They sang very ____ in the school concert last week.
A) good B) well
3) The director told them that the school concert was very ____ .
A) good B) well
4) My sister played the piano very ___ in the school concert too.
A) good B) well
5) I never learned to play the piano. I'm not a ___ piano player!
A) good B) well
6) My brother is a ___ guitar player, but he didn't play in the school concert.
A) good B) well
7) My teacher knows how to sing ____ , but she didn't sing because she had a cold.
A) good B) well
8) It's not ___ to sing when you are sick.
A) good B) well
9) Next month, we'll have another school concert, and my teacher will sing very___ then.
A) good B) well
10) Our school concerts are always very ___ . I hope you visit us sometime!
A) good B) well

  You havecorrect out of 10

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