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Adjective + Infinitive 1

In this exercise, we'll practice using infinitives after adjectives.
Study these examples and then complete the exercise below.
I'm happy to meet you.
She's glad to help him.
I'm not afraid to touch a snake.

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1. We have to leave soon. Are you ready 
2. a) Hello, My name is Sara.
    b) Hello, I'm very pleased 
3. Lee is very sad  the news about his grandfather.
4. You should be proud  a student.
5. After a car accident, some people are lucky alive.
6. Are you afraid  a snake?
7. The students weren't prepared  the exam, so they failed.
8. The President was glad  that the war was finally over.
9. The citizens were happy  that the robber had been caught.
10. The robber isn't glad  in jail.

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