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Paragraph Writing Menu

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What is a Paragraph?

  1a. The Structure of a Paragraph
A detailed lesson the the structure of a paragraph with examples.

  1b. Paragraph Structure Quiz
Test yourself on paragraph structure.

  2. The Topic Sentence
What are you going to tell the reader about?

  3. Main Point
What is your point?

  4. Supporting Detail
Can you prove it?

  5. Closing Sentence / Conclusion
The End.

How to Write a Paragraph

  1. The Prewriting Process
Learn six pre-writing steps to make your paragraphs better.

  2. The Paragraph Outline
Use this to guide your paragraph structure.

  3. The Writing Process
Learn five writing steps to make your paragraphs better.

  4. The Editing Process
Learn to edit your paragraph.

  5. The Final Draft
get ready to turn in your completed paragraph.

Different Kinds of Paragraphs

  1. Classification Paragraph
Learn about writing a classification paragraph.

  2. Sequencing Paragraph
First, second, third...

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