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[-ation] NOUN / VERB STUDY - Vocabulary List - Words beginning with C

celebrate (v)
When do you celebrate your birthday?
celebration (n) The football team's victory celebration lasted for 7 hours!

circulate (v)
The party hostess circulated throughout her guests.
circulation (n) The circulation of the New York Times newspaper is 2 million people.

civilize (v)
Explorers wanted to civilize the natives, but the natives killed them.
civilization (n) Different groups of people have different ideas of civilization.

classify (v)
Animals are classified into different kingdoms.
classification (n) The classification for lions is Panthera leo.

collaborate (v)
The students must collaborate on two projects this semester.
collaboration (n) Each student must work hard because their collaboration will also be graded.

combine (v)
The colors red and blue can be combined to make purple.
combination (n) The color orange is a combination of red and yellow.

commemorate (v)
The city's 200th anniversary is being commemorated with a parade.
commemoration (n) The commemoration will take place next month.

commend (v)
The police commended two boys for helping rescue a drowning child.
commendation (n) The boys' commendation included a reward of $100.

communicate (v)
People use language to communicate with each other.
communication (n) Communication with language makes humans different than animals.

compensate (v)
My insurance company will compensate me for the damage to my car.
compensation (n) My compensation check should arrive next week.

compile (v)
This machine compiles the material.
compilation (n) That book is a compilation of the works of several different authors.

concentrate (v)
Many students find it difficult to concentrate on homework.
concentration (n) Of course, their concentration might be improved if they turned off the TV!

confirm (v)
The US military wouldn't confirm that many people saw a UFO.
confirmation (n) But the people didn't need confirmation. They knew what they'd seen.

confiscate (v)
A dangerous knife was confiscated from the student.
confiscation (n) The confiscation of the knife got him expelled.

confront (v)
The principal confronted the students about cheating on the test.
confrontation (n) The confrontation became very loud when everyone began yelling at once.

congratulate (v)
I want to congratulate Martha and Don on their wedding.
congratulation (n) My heartfelt congratulations go out to you two.

congregate (v)
The people congregated outside the church after the service.
congregation (n) The church's congregation held a bake sale to raise money for the poor.

consider (v) Have you considered going to a different college?
consideration (n) Thank you for your consideration. That was very nice of you.

console (v) The minister tried to console the widow, but she was inconsolable.
consolation (n) Marco won a consolation prize in the essay contest.

consult (v) I need to consult with you about this project.
consultation (n) Frank's consultation with the lawyer cost him $500.

contaminate (v) Don't contaminate the food! Wash your hands before you touch it!
contamination (n) The toxic contamination from the factory will take years to clean.

contemplate (v) Sara is contemplating taking a year off of school and traveling around the world.
contemplation (n) I'm sorry to interrupt your contemplation, but I have a question for you.

continue (v) Lee continued singing when everyone else had stopped.
continuation (n) Paul went to a continuation school instead of regular high school.

converse (v) I heard two people conversing about last night's new TV show.
conversation (n) Their conversation was very funny!

cooperate (v) Please cooperate with each other.
cooperation (n) Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

corroborate (v) No witness could corroborate the suspect's story.
corroboration (n) Without corroboration, the suspect will probably go to jail.

create (v) Who created this lovely dress?
creation (n) This creation is wonderful!

cultivate (v) I like to cultivate roses in my garden.
cultivation (n) The cultivation of roses is very difficult.

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