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[-ation] NOUN / VERB STUDY - Vocabulary List - Words beginning with A

abbreviate (v)
John F. Kennedy abbreviated his middle name.
abbreviation (n) The abbreviation "ASAP" means "as soon as possible"

abdicate (v)
King Edward abdicated his throne.
abdication (n) His abdication of the throne surprised the world.

acclaim (v)
The critics acclaimed the new musical play.
acclamation (n) The judges of the singing contest chose the winner by listening to the acclamation of the audience.

accumulate (v)
Too much water accumulated in the mountainside.
accumulation (n) The accumulation of water caused a landslide.

administer (v)
A president must administer to the wishes of the people in the country.
administration (n) Unfortunately, some presidential administrations are dishonest.

admire (v)
I really admire Oprah Winfrey.
admiration (n) Admiration must be earned.

adore (v)
Sally's husband adores her.
adoration (n) Her husband's adoration is total and complete.

affirm (v)
The police affirmed that they had seen the thief in the store.
affirmation (n) The affirmation sent the thief to prison.

agitate (v)
A washing machine works by agitating the clothes in soapy water.
agitation (n) The agitation of the soap and water loosens the dirt in clothing.

allege (v)
The principal alleged that the students had been cheating.
allegation (n) Unfortunately, the allegations were true.

animate (v)
A cartoon artist animates stories by drawing pictures.
animation (n) The animations are added to film and shown on TV.

anticipate (v)
Many people love to anticipate their birthdays.
anticipation (n) Sometimes the anticipation is more fun than the real day!

apply (v)
Perry applied to Cal State Fullerton University.
application (n) His application was accepted.

assassinate (v)
John Wilkes Boothe assassinated Abraham Lincoln.
assassination (n) Lincoln's assassination stunned the American people.

assimilate (v)
America has assimilated people from many countries.
assimilation (n) The assimilation began with the Pilgrims in the 1700s.

associate (v)
Do you think that Bill Clinton still associates with Monica Lewinsky?
association (n) Their association was quite scandalous to the office of the Presidency.

authenticate (v)
The painting I found needs to be authenticated. I hope it's a real Picasso!
authentication (n) The authentication failed. My Aunt Edna painted that picture - not Picasso!

authorize (v)
You must enter your password to be authorized to work on the computer.
authorization (n) I'm sorry, your authorization failed. Do you want to try again?

automate (v)
Henry Ford automated the process of making automobiles.
automation (n) The automation meant that more cars could be produced cheaply.

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