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Modals: Making Suggestions

Let's  simple verb 
Let's not  simple verb 
Let's play baseball. 
Let's not play football.
Why don't [I/we/you/they]  simple verb   ?
Why doesn't [he/she/it]   simple verb   ?
Why don't you ask her?
Why doesn't she tell you?
Let's  is a polite suggestion.
It does not need a subject.
It is not a question.
It uses a simple verb.
Why don't/doesn't...? is a question.
It is used to make a polite suggestion.
Don't forget the question mark at the end!

READ the sentence, CHOOSE the answer, and get your score instantly!

1) Hi Lee! Let's ____ to the beach tomorrow.
A) going B) go C) to go
2) No, Let's ____ to the beach tomorrow. It's going to be too cold, Sam.
A) not to go B) go C) not go
3) Then why ____ go to the movies?
A) don't we B) doesn't we C) we go
4) Good idea Sam!  ___ invite Mark to go with us!
A) Why let's to B) Let's C) Why doesn't she
5) Hi Mark. We're going to the movies tomorrow. Why ___ come with us?
A) don't we B) doesn't he C) don't you
6) The movies? No, I don't want to go to the movies. ____  to a baseball game.
A) Let's go B) Let's to go C) Let's going
7) A baseball game sounds fun! Hey Mark, since you live near the baseball stadium, why ____ pick up the tickets for us? We'll pay you back tomorrow.
A) don't you B) doesn't he C) let's
8) Well, okay, but you have to pay me back. Why ___ get tickets as close to the players as possible?
A) don't they B) don't we C) doesn't he
9) Near the players? No, that's too expensive. ____ buy expensive tickets. We can sit farther away. It's cheaper.
A) Let's not B) Let's C) Why not
10) I agree with Lee. ____ sit in cheaper seats at the baseball game.
A) Let's not B) Why don't we C) Let's

You have correct answers out of 10.

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