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Modals of Necessity / Lack of Necessity

(I/you/we/they)  don't have to   verb 
(he / she / it)   doesn't have to   verb 
mustn't   verb    = must not   verb 
not have to  means that something is not necessary.
You have a choice, but it isn't required.
must not means that something is forbidden or prohibited.
No choice! 

Make a Hamburger!

Type don't have to, doesn't have to, or mustn't into the blanks below:

It's super-easy to make a hamburger! You  be a good cook to do it.

Here are some simple directions:

1. First, you need to gather your ingredients.
You will need some hamburger buns or bread, some ground meat, a tomato, a pickle and some lettuce.
Slice the tomato, and the pickle into smaller pieces to put on your hamburger.
Be careful - you  cut yourself!

2. Now, you need to shape the meat into hamburger patties.
You  use any special tools, just use your hands!

3. Next, you need to cook the meat patties.
Barbequed hamburgers taste best, but you  barbeque them.
You can fry the meat patties or you can broil them in the broiler.
You  cook them too long, or they will taste terrible!

4. After the meat is cooked, it's time to prepare the buns.
The bun  be toasted, but you can if you want to.

5. Spread some mayonnaise and mustard on the buns.
Now add the slices of tomato and pickle. Add a leaf of lettuce.
Now, add a little ketchup and put the top bun on. Now take a bite!
You  take a BIG bite though, or you might choke!

6. Finally, when you are finished eating, it's time to clean up the kitchen.
You  leave a mess or your mother will get angry.

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