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Animals in the Zoo

There is or there are? #1         Name:_____________

 Use there IS for singular nouns (one item) 
 Use there IS for non-count items (group nouns) 
 Use there ARE for many items (plural nouns)

Write IS or ARE in the blanks below.

  1. There ________  many animals in the zoo.
  2. There ________  a snake in the window.
  3. There ________  a zebra in the grass.
  4. There ________  lions in the zoo, too.
  5. There ________  many baby lions near their parents.
  6. There ________  a bird next to the tree.
  7. There ________  many monkeys in the trees.
  8. There ________  an elephant in the zoo.
  9. There ________  some water in the lake near the elephants.
  10. There ________  birds in the zoo.
  11. There ________  many people visiting the animals today.
  12. There ________  many children, too.
  13. There ________  some grass under the tree.
  14. There ________  bananas in the tree with the gorilla.
  15. There ________  many birds near the gorilla.
  16. There ________  a rock near the tree.
  17. There ________  many sharks in the aquarium.
  18. There ________  an eel in the aquarium, too.
  19. There ________  lots of water for the fish.
  20. There ________  many creatures to see at the zoo.
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