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"Because or So?"   ANSWER KEY
Micha worked all night.  + Micha was tired.
Use because to give a reason:
Use so to show a result:
Micha was tired because she worked all night.
Why was she tired? 
Because she worked all night.
Micha worked all night, so she was tired.
She worked all night, so what happened? 
She was tired.
Write BECAUSE or SO in the blanks below. Don't forget the comma!
  1. Ruby enjoys cooking, SO she invited all of her classmates over for dinner.
  2. Everyone enjoys a good home-cooked meal, SO  everybody went to Ruby's house.
  3. Taka ate two plates full of food  BECAUSE  he was very hungry!
  4. Larena and Tammi shared a plate of food  BECAUSE  they like the same things.
  5. Maria is a professional bartender, SO  she mixed drinks for everybody.
  6. There were lots of lemons on the table  BECAUSE  Sam brought a big bag full of lemons.
  7. Sara is a musician, SO  she played the piano and sang to entertain everyone.
  8. Leo and Kazumi danced in the middle of the livingroom  BECAUSE  they love to dance.
  9. Filiz asked for the recipe  BECAUSE  she loved the dinner.
  10. Delma also loved the dinner, SO  she asked for the recipe too.
  11. Ruby's recipe is a secret family recipe, SO  she couldn't give it away.
  12. Filiz and Delma were disappointed  BECAUSE  Ruby wouldn't share the recipe, but they understood why.
  13. Ruby worked very hard to prepare the meal, SO  she was very tired.
  14. Lenny, Sandy and Sasi cleaned off the table, SO   the dishes could be washed.
  15. Abrahim, Hiro and Kadir offered to wash the dishes  BECAUSE  poor Ruby was really tired.
  16. All the classmates said, "Thank you!"  BECAUSE  they enjoyed the dinner.
  17. It was getting late, SO  everybody started leaving.
  18. Ruby slept for two days  BECAUSE  she was exhausted!
  19. When we are giving a reason, we use BECAUSE .
  20. When we are showing results, we use SO.
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