Confusing Verbs:  SET / SIT
Irregular Verb
TRANSITIVE - needs object
Irregular Verb
INTRANSITIVE - no object
TO SET = to place something, to adjust, to arrange
VERB FORMS: set - set - set - setting
TO SIT = to put your bottom in a chair, to occupy a place as a member of an official body
VERB FORMS: sit - sat - sat - sitting
Petra always sets her drink on a coaster.
My friend set the flowers on the table.
I'm setting my hair for the party tonight.
Please sit anywhere you like.
Frank's sitting on the sofa.
Many congressmen have sat in congress.

Read the sentences and choose the correct answer:

1) No questions, please! Would you all  ____ down now please. A) set B) sit
2) The child ____ her hotdog on the dirty bench. Yuck! A) set B) sat
3) Hairdressers can ____ their client's hair very quickly. A) set B) sit
4) Oh no! The gorilla is ____ on my brother! Help! A) setting B) sitting
5) Hey! Mom is ____ the dinner on the table. Let's eat! A) setting B) sitting
6) The family is ____ down at the table to eat dinner. A) setting B) sitting
7) The food is ___ on the table ready to be eaten. A) setting B) sitting
8) Before dinner, the dishes were ____ on the table, in preparation for the meal. A) set B) sat
9) The mailman ____ the package on my doorstep. A) set B) sat
10) But while the package was ____ there, someone stole it! A) setting B) sitting

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