Confusing Verbs:  Raise / Rise    -ANSWER KEY-
Regular Verb
TRANSITIVE - needs object
Irregular Verb
INTRANSITIVE - no object
TO RAISE = to lift something, to elevate, to bring to maturity, to increase, to set upright by lifting or building
VERB FORMS: raise - raised - raised - raising
TO RISE = to move upward, to assume an upright position especially from lying, kneeling, or sitting, to return from death
VERB FORMS: rise - rose - risen - rising
Terry raised her hand to wave at her friend.
My grandmother raised cotton.
I'm raising some tomatoes.
The store always raises prices.
Hot air balloons rise.
Frank's rising from the sofa.
The sun has already risen this morning.
Zombies rise from the dead in horror movies!

Read the sentences and choose the correct answer:

1) If you have a question, please  ____ your hand. A) raise B) rise
2) When the child released the balloon, it ____ . A) raised B) rose
3) Christians believe that Jesus ____ from the dead three days after he died. A) raised B) rose
4) Oh no! The skunk is ____ his tail! Look out! A) raising B) rising
5) The farmer is ____ chickens and pigs. A) raising B) rising
6) The ashes from the fire had ____ in the air and started some new fires nearby. A) raised B) risen
7) The soldiers are ___ the flag to announce their victory. A) raising B) rising
8) The flag is waving beautifully in the breeze as it is ____ up the flagpole. A) raising B) rising
9) Oh no! My landlord ____ my rent again. I must pay $50.00 more each month! A) raised B) rose
10) ____ rent prices are a serious problem in some cities. A) Raising B) Rising
11) Here's a strange fashion fact: After wars, the hemlines of skirts always ____. A) raise B) rise
12) Heard at major sporting events: "Please ____ for the National Anthem." A) raise B) rise
13) The people ____ to their feet to sing the National Anthem. A) raised B) rose
14) At major sporting events the flag is also ____ as the anthem is sung. A) raised B) rose
15) I watched a really scary movie last night. It was so scary that the hairs on the back of my neck ____ and stood on end! A) raised B) rose

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