Pass the Bell Trivia Game 1
~An English-Zone.Com Activity~

Fairly Easy - For Most levels          Gameboard with Questions   Rules for Play

Lee went downtown last week.
(Lee will go downtown next week.)
Peter needs to buy some milk tomorrow.
(Peter needed to buy some milk yesterday.)
Dana graduated from high school last year.
(Dana will graduate from high school next year.)
Pablo is going to finish his homework in five minutes.
(Pablo finished his homework five minutes ago.)
I was in class last Monday.
(I will be in class next Monday.)
Change the future to the past & vice versa
The Opposite of ___ is ___.
What is the opposite of boring?
What is the opposite of stupid?
What is the opposite of late?
What is the opposite of empty?
What is the opposite of war?
All answers are in this form: "The opposite of ____ is ___."
A new blue Porsche.
(What did he buy?
At seven oíclock.
(What time did you leave?)
President Bush.
(Who gave a speech last night?)
(How much did you win?)
(Any yes/no question will work here.)
Answer with a question.
You spell it ____.
How do you spell introduce? How do you spell beautiful? How do you spell fifty? How do you spell fourteenth? How do you spell Mississippi? Answers must begin with "You spell it ____." and be correct.
The bananas are green. We canít eat them.
(The bananas are too green to eat.)
Timmy is young. He canít read.
(Timmy is too young to read.)
Monkeys donít go to school.They are not smart.
(Monkeys are not smart enough to go to school.)
The car is expensive. I canít buy the car.
(The car is too expensive to buy.)
Elephants are big. An elephant canít enter that door. (Elephants are too big to come thru that door.) Answer with too/enough
Iím really sleepy today.
(You should take a nap.)
Sara has a terrible toothache.
(She had better go to the dentist.)
Give some advice for a new student.
(A new student should come to class every day.)
Give advice to a new driver.
(A new driver had better be careful.)
Give advice for a tourist to your country. (A tourist should never go to the marketplace after dark.) Answer with a modal. should/ought to/had better
Compare Texas and California.

(Texas is larger.)
What is the highest mountain in the world?
(Mt. Everest)
Compare the Nile River and the Mississippi River.
(Nile is longer.)
Compare the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean. (Atlantic is larger.) Compare Australia and Africa.

(Africa is larger.)

Comparatives & Superlatives

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