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Present/Future True Conditionals 1 Answer Key
Present True Situations:
simple present verb
Present True Situations:
simple present verb
If it rains,
If I don't clean my apartment,
my car window leaks.
my roommate complains.
If Marie doesn't eat dinner,
If I work,
she gets hungry at midnight.
I earn money!
Future True Situations:
simple present verb
Future True Situations:
modal + simple present verb
If it rains,
my window might leak.
If the phone rings,
I will answer it.
If the weather is sunny later,
we can go to the beach.
Write the correct form of the verbs in the blanks below:
1. (to be) If the question   IS    difficult, we can ask the teacher.
2. (to save) Lee will go to Disneyland if he   SAVES    enough money.
3. (to buy) If I   BUY    a lottery ticket, I might win the lottery.
4. (to have) My friend usually walks to school if he   HAS    enough time.
5. (to start) If the movie   STARTS    at eight, we will be late! 
6. (to have) We can go waterskiing if Jeff's boat   HAS    gas.
7. (to pass) The class will have a party if the students all    PASS    their tests.
8. (to be) If there   IS    milk in the refrigerator, I'll have milk with my cake.
9. (to eat) If my sister   EATS    all of the cake, I will get angry.
10. (to tell) My mother always punishes my sister if she   TELLS    a lie.
11.  (not end) If the world   DOESN'T END  tomorrow, we'll have to go to work as usual.
12. (not come) If the pizza  DOESN'T COME  soon, we can eat a sandwich instead.
13. (not be) If there  ISN'T   any milk in the refrigerator, I'll go to the supermarket.
14. (not snow) If it  DOESN'T SNOW  tomorrow, we can't go skiing.
15. (not rain) My dad will paint the garage if it  DOESN'T RAIN  on Saturday.
16. (not go) If we  DON'T GO  to work, we won't get paid.
17. (not buy) We can't go if we  DON'T BUY  a ticket.
18. (not go) I will call you if she  DOESN'T GO  to the movies, and we can go out together.
19. (not be) We should go jogging if it  ISN'T  raining outside.
20. (not ring) If the phone  DOESN'T RING  this afternoon, I can take a nap.
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