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[main clause]   May always takes a shower before she goes to bed. [time clause]
[USE: simple present tense]
[USE: simple present tense]
[time clause] Before May goes to bed, she always takes a shower. [main clause]
[USE: simple present tense]   comma ->   ,
[USE: simple present tense]

Write the correct forms of the verbs to complete these present time clauses.

First: May washes the dishes. Then: May watches TV. (usually)
1) May usually (wash)   WASHES  the dishes before she (watch)  WATCHES  TV.
2) Before May (watch)  WATCHES  TV, she usually (wash)  WASHES  the dishes.
First: May brushes her teeth. Then: May eats a snack. (seldom)
3) May seldom (eat)    EATS   a snack after she (brush)  BRUSHES  her teeth.
4) After May (brush)  BRUSHES  her teeth, she seldom (eat)    EATS   a snack.
First: May sleeps on her back. And: May snores loudly!  (always)
5) May always (snore)    SNORES   loudly when she (sleep)    SLEEPS   on her back!
6) When May (sleep)   SLEEPS   on her back, she always (snore)    SNORES   loudly!
First: May writes an essay. And: May makes mistakes. (sometimes)
7) May sometimes (make)    MAKES   mistakes when she (write)    WRITES   an essay.
8) When May (write)    WRITES   an essay, she sometimes (make)    MAKES   mistakes.
First: May rides her bicycle to school. Then: May whistles songs. (occasionally)
9) May occasionally (whistle)    WHISTLES   songs as she (ride)    RIDES   her bicycle to school.
10) As May (ride)    RIDES   her bicycle to school, she occasionally (whistle)    WHISTLES   songs.

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