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Personal Conduct Grading Guide
Student Name:_________________
Class: ___________________
Teacher Name:__________________
On Time and Prepared        
1. Arrives on time to class        
2. Brings required materials        
3. Completes homework        
Respects Peers        
1. Respects others' property        
2. Listens to peers        
3. Responds appropriately to peers        
4. Respects others' opinions        
5. Refrains from interrupting        
6. Works well in partner situations        
7. Works well in group situations        
Respects Teacher/Staff        
1. Follows directions        
2. Listens to Teacher/Staff        
3. Accepts responsibility for self         
Demonstrates Appropriate Character Traits        
1. Demonstrates positive character traits (kindness, trustworthiness, honesty)        
2. Demonstrates productive character traits (i.e. patient, throrough, hardworking)        
3. Demonstrates a level of concern for peers        
Demonstrates a Level of Concern for Learning        
1. Remains on task        
2. Allows others to remain on task        
3. Tries to speak English in class        


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