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To Be Verb Practice 1 
Write the correct verb form for each sentence. 
1) I AM sleepy. 6) We ARE busy.
2) You ARE handsome. 7) You ARE all awake.
3) He IS short. 8) They ARE beautiful.
4) She IS friendly. 9) The teacher IS kind.
5) It IS cold today. 10) The students ARE intelligent.


To Be Verb Practice 2
Circle the correct verb for each sentence. 

1) Sara IS a teacher. 6) His cat IS black.
2) Jan and Sue ARE here. 7) The students ARE sleepy.
3) I AM at home. 8) It IS warm today.
4) A cat IS soft.  9) I AM very busy.
5) My cat IS gray. 10) Watermelons ARE tasty.


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