"Because or Even Though?"

Use because to give a reason:
She was tired.  She rested. 
Because she was tired, she rested.
She rested because she was tired.
Use even though to show an unexpected result:
Example: She was tired. She did not rest. 
Even though she was tired, she didn't rest.
She didn't rest even though she was tired.

Write BECAUSE or EVEN THOUGH in the blanks below.

  1. BECAUSE  it was sunny at the beach, everyone put on their sunglasses.
  2. EVEN THOUGH  it was dark outside, Brad Pitt put on some sunglasses. He's a star, you know!
  3. BECAUSE  Abby enjoys horses, she's learning how to ride. She wants her own horse someday.
  4. EVEN THOUGH  Keanu Reeves is afraid of horses, he's learning how to ride for his next film.
  5. BECAUSE  Fred Astaire loved to dance, he made dancing movies. He was a great dancer.
  6. EVEN THOUGH  Sandra Bullock couldn't dance well, she went out dancing with her friends.
  7. EVEN THOUGH Leonardo Da Vinci is commonly thought of as a painter, he was also an inventor.
  8. BECAUSE Michelangelo enjoyed creating, he made a lot of paintings, sculptures and drawings.
  9. EVEN THOUGH Nicole and Tom were married for 10 years, they weren't together very often.
  10. Johnny Depp needs a haircut BECAUSE his hair is too long.
  11. Jennifer Aniston got a haircut EVEN THOUGH she didn't really need one.
  12. Julia Roberts gave a speech BECAUSE she won an award at the Oscars.
  13. She gave a silly, giggly speech EVEN THOUGH she is usually an intelligent actor.
  14. She was giggly BECAUSE she was excited and nervous.
  15. Demi shaved her head bald for a movie EVEN THOUGH she didn't really want to.
  16. She shaved BECAUSE she knew that it would make a powerful scene in the film.
  17. The director of "Gladiator" wasn't happy EVEN THOUGH the film won 5 Oscar Awards.
  18. Ridley Scott was upset BECAUSE he didn't win an Oscar too!
  19. In summary, when we are giving a reason, we use BECAUSE.
  20. When we are talking about unexpected results, we use EVEN THOUGH.
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