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Rob Wilson's Auto-English Pronunciation course is an interesting and fun five-week course that teaches the pronunciation of long and short vowels, how to distinguish the three different 'A' and 'O' sounds that occur in English, how to use the dipthongs and triphongs, and even how to grunt. Uh-huh! 

The tapes are perfect for listening to in the car, where students can practice their consonants and intonation - the "music" of English.


Act 2 The Long and the Short.
Act 4 The Three O's.
Act 6 Grunt.
Act 8 The Consonants.
Act 10 The Final Revelation.
Act 1 So what is English?
Act 3 The Three A's.
Act 5 English Coffee.
Act 7 Dipthongs & Tripthongs.
Act 9 The Music of English.
Here are more detailed explanations for each act:

The introduction is all in Spanish - and, as my students told me, it's Castillian Spanish - if that is an important point to you. Anyway, in the introduction, the Auto-English team is introduced, and the methodology is explained. 

In Act 1, you get a good history course of the English language (again, explained in Spanish. - but hey, this program is FOR Spanish speakers, so there!).

In Act 2, the listener practices recognizing the difference between the long and short English vowel sounds. Then there's a listening test.

In Act 3, the focus is the three distinct A sounds in English. The student will work on distinguishing between the sounds, and then there's another test.

In Act 4, the student will work on the three different O sounds in English by playing some interactive listening games. The games are fun!

In Act 5,  students work on the difficult "err" vowel sound which appears in words such as "girl," "world" and "nurse."

In Act, listeners learn to grunt. Huh? Uh-huh! 

In Act 7, the focus is on dipthongs and tripthongs, but Auto-English makes the vowel combinations fun and easy to learn.

In Act 8, it's consonant time. For students to speak clearly, and be easily understood, it is very important to pronounce the consonants well.

In Act 9, it's time to sing! Not really, but in this lesson, the focus is on the "music" of English - the intonation.

In Act 10, a trick to make your English pronunciation better is taught. It's a secret, so you'll have to get the tapes and discover the secret for yourself!

I hope this review gives you some insight into the Auto-English pronunciation course. It's a great way to learn - while sitting in traffic!

Why not visit Rob's Site?

Kaye Mastin Mallory,
TESOL English Instructor
Webmaster -The English Zone-

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