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Any / Some                                                    ANSWER KEY
Use: negative
ANY and SOME are used for objects and people.
any or some
Use ANY for negative sentences:
Marsha doesn't have any paper today. She forgot it at home.
Use SOME for affirmative sentences:
Sara has some paper. She will lend some paper to Marsha.
***Use SOME / ANY for questions:
Excuse me Sara, do you have any paper? / Excuse me Sara, do you have some paper?

***A general guideline about any / some in questions: 

If the speaker thinks the answer is probably NO, the speaker will probaby use ANY. 
If the speaker has no guess about the answer, the speaker will probably use ANY. 
If the speaker thinks the answer is probably YES, the speaker will probably use SOME.
    READ the sentence, and CHOOSE the correct answer.

    1) Terry has ____ pennies in her pocket.  B) some
    2) Tomas doesn't have ____ pennies in his pocket. His pocket is empty. A) any 

    3) Angela doesn't like to eat ____ vegetables. A) any
    4) In fact, last night she didn't eat____ salad. Her mother was angry! A) any
    5)  But Angela always likes to have ___ ice cream for dessert. B) some
    6) She'd be happy if she could eat ___ vegetable-flavored ice cream! B) some
    7) But we know there really isn't ___ vegetable-flavored ice cream! A) any

    8) Marissa cooked ____ Mexican food for dinner. B) some
    9) Marissa's brother didn't want to eat___ food that Marissa cooked. A) any
    10) He decided to have ____ pizza instead. He's not a nice brother! B) some

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