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Adjective or Adverb? ANSWER KEY

1) If you drive ___ you could have an accident. (a) recklessly (b) reckless 2) The teacher explained the assignment ___.
(a) careful (b) carefully
3) There was a ___ noise last night. 
Did you hear it?      (a) loud (b) loudly
4) Paul walks so ___ in his new boots.
(a) loud (b) loudly
5) Jason ate his dinner very ___.
(a) quick (b) quickly
6) Those apples look ___. May I have one?
(a) delicious (b) deliciously
7) He's an awful driver. He never stops
the car ___. (a) smoothly (b) smooth
8) Pavarotti is an opera singer. He sings ___
(a) beautiful (b) beautifully
9)This situation requires a ___
investigation. (a) serious (b) seriously
10) Sometimes, driving at night can be
very ___. (a) dangerous (b) dangerously
11) They shouted ___ at each other.
(a) angry (b) angrily
12) If you ask ___, I will give it to you.
(a) polite (b) politely
13) Try to speak ___ if you are giving
a speech. (a) clear (b) clearly
14)Why are you so ___?
(a) angry (b) angrily
15) He is a __ driver.
(a) careless (b) carelessly
16) Frank always works so ___!
(a) slow (b) slowly
17) Sara speaks so ___ that I can't
understand her. (a) fast (b)fastly
18) Sara opened the door ___.
(a) slow (b) slowly
19) It is a beautiful, __ day.
(a) clear (b) clearly
20) Jessica writes so ___. Look at these
mistakes! (a) careless (b) carelessly
21) Hank drives ___. I'm worried about
him. (a) dangerous (b) dangerously
22) I didn't sleep __ last night, so I feel __ today.
(a) good, terrible (b) well, terrible c) well, terribly
23) Lee is a ___ speller.
(a) bad (b) badly
24) ___ the car changed directions.
(a) Sudden (b) Suddenly
25) Please try to be more ___.
(a) careful (b) carefully
26) If you want tourists to visit your country, you must treat them ___ . (a) pleasant (b) pleasantly
27) Liberace played the piano ___.
(a) perfect (b) perfectly
28) Max is a ___ talker, but he never listens.
(a) fast (b) fastly
29) Shannon writes very ___.
(a) neat (b) neatly
30) Karen is the best student in class.
She studies ___. (a) hard (b) hardly

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