~An English-Zone.Com Answer Key~
In this exercise, we'll practice using infinitives after adjectives.
Study these examples and then complete the exercise below.
to meet
to help
I'm not
to touch
a snake.

1. We have to leave soon. Are you ready __? a) to go
2. a) Hello. My name is Sara.
   b) Hello. I'm very pleased __ you.
b) to meet
3. Lee is very sad __ the news about his grandpa. c) to hear
4. You should be proud __ a student. b) to be
5. After a car accident, some people are lucky __ alive. c) to be
6. Are you afraid __ a snake? b) to touch
7. The students aren't prepared __ the exam. a) to take
8. The President was glad __ that the war was finally over. c) to know
9. The people are happy __ the police caught the robber. c) to hear
10. The robber isn't glad __ in jail. b) to be
11. Dinner is ready. __ your brother ready to eat? b) Is
12. a) Hello. My name is Arnold.
    b) Hi Arnold! We __ very pleased to meet you.
a) are
13. Mel Gibson and Jackie Chan __ proud to be movie stars. a) are
14. Mel __ very sad to see that Jennifer got married. b) is
15. Brad __ glad to be married to Jennifer. b) is
16. Jennifer __ prepared to quit acting. b) isn't
17. Many women __ unhappy to hear that Brad got married! a) are
18. Many men __ happy to know that Jennifer got married. a) aren't
19. I __ not afraid to touch a snake! c) am
20. After his car accident, Frank __ lucky to be alive. b) was

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