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Verb and Preposition Combinations A

Did you STUDY Verb and Preposition Combinations A first?

1. Susan and Jack will arrive ____ the train station tonight.
A) at
B) about C) for D) with

2. Cory is accused ___ breaking into the neighbor's house.
A) at
B) about C) in D) of

3. My brother and I used to argue ___ who had to take out the trash.
A) about
B) with C) at D) for

4. Sara applied ___ the city police department. She wants to become a detective.
A) about
B) up C) to D) into

5. My friends had a terrible argument. I can't believe that they argued ___ each other.
A) at
B) with C) from D) for

6. Mark apologized ___ starting the argument.
A) with
B) at C) to D) for

7. My mother doesn't approve ____ my new boyfriend.
A) for
B) of C) about D) to

8. Do you agree ____ the travel plans?
A) with
B) for C) to D) about

9. When did the teacher arrive ____ Japan? 
A) at
B) about C) for  D) in 

10. I applied ____ a credit card. I wonder if I will get it...
A) at
B) to C) for D) with

You havecorrect answers out of 10

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