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Adjective + Preposition: Sample sentence:
(be) absent from Terry, who had been absent from school for two weeks, was surprised to see a new girl in a class. Her name was Pam.
(be) accustomed to Sara is accustomed to working at night. Working in the daytime is unusual for her.
(be) acquainted with Are you acquainted with Kaye? She runs English-Zone.Com.
(be) addicted to Ben was addicted to drugs, but Gwyneth turned his life around.
Pablo is really addicted to the Internet, he spends all his nights sitting in front of the computer.
(be) afraid of Are you afraid of flying saucers?
(be) angry at Sara was so angry at Gary that she got in her car and drove away.
(be) angry with Sara was so angry with Gary that she got in her car and drove away.
(be) annoyed at Pam was annoyed at Tom for being late for the date.
(be) annoyed with Pam was annoyed with Tom for being late for the date.
(be) anxious about Yoko was anxious about going to the dentist.
(be) associated with The conference was dedicated to the problems associated with hacking.
(be) aware of Are you aware of the dangers of the Internet?

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