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~ English-Zone.Com Phrasal Verbs Dictionary ~

PHRASAL: to wait for (non-separable)
MEANING: to wait until someone or something arrives; to wait until someone or something is finished.
EXAMPLE: I've been waiting for the bus for almost an hour!

PHRASAL: to wait on (non-separable)
MEANING: to serve
EXAMPLE: A) Who is your waitress?
               B) I think Betty is waiting on us today.

PHRASAL: to wake up (separable)
MEANING: to stop sleeping
EXAMPLE: Wake the kids up please. They're going to be late for school.

PHRASAL: to walk out (non-separable)
MEANING: to leave a place as a sign of protest
EXAMPLE: The workers walked out to protest the new contract.

PHRASAL: to watch out (for) (non-separable)
MEANING: to be careful of; beware of
EXAMPLE: There's a lot of road work in the area. Watch out for holes in the street.

PHRASAL: to water (something) down (separable)
MEANING: to make weaker
EXAMPLE: Some bartenders water down the drinks they make in order to save money and cheat the customers.

PHRASAL: to wear down (separable)
MEANING: to become weary from persistent resistance or pressure; to cause to be worn or weak
EXAMPLE: Your constant complaining is wearing us down.

PHRASAL: to wear off (non-separable)
MEANING: to no longer affect someone
EXAMPLE: My medicine is wearing off. I need to take some more.

PHRASAL: to wear out (separable)
MEANING: to wear something / use something until it can no longer be worn / be used
EXAMPLE: I need to get some new shoes. This pair is almost completely worn out.

PHRASAL: to wear out (separable)
MEANING: to cause to become exhausted; cause to become very tired
EXAMPLE: The children wore me out today. It's your turn to watch them!

PHRASAL: to whip up (separable)
MEANING: to create quickly
EXAMPLE: A) Where did you get this delicious cake?
               B) I whipped it up myself!

PHRASAL: to work on (non-separable)
MEANING: to practice in order to improve
EXAMPLE: A) Why do you keep repeating those words?
               B) I'm working on my pronunciation.

PHRASAL: to work out (non-separable)
MEANING: to exercise
EXAMPLE: A) Where is Sara?
               B) She's working out at the gym.

PHRASAL: to work out (separable)
MEANING: to resolve a difficult situation; to solve a problem
EXAMPLE: My husband and I need to work things out in our relationship.

PHRASAL: to wrap up (non-separable)
MEANING: to put something around (obj.) to get warm; to wear enough clothes to keep warm
EXAMPLE: A) Why are you wrapped up in that blanket?
               B) I'm freezing! I think I have a fever.

PHRASAL: to wrap up (separable)
MEANING: to finish something; bring something to a conclusion
EXAMPLE: Let's wrap our discussion up and go get dinner!

PHRASAL: to write down (separable)
MEANING: to record something in writing; to take a note
EXAMPLE: Did you write the phone number down?

PHRASAL: to write up (separable)
MEANING: to make a report in writing
EXAMPLE: I've already written the report up. I'm leaving now.

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