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Phrasal Verbs 'C'

1) When I went on my business trip I ______ my hotel at 5:00 PM. 
A) checked into
B) caught up to
  C) chickened out
D) chipped in 

2) My best friend wasn't feeling very happy last night so I went over to her place to ____.
A) catch her up
B) chip in 
  C) clear her away
D) cheer her up

3) We all ___ to buy our boss a birthday present last week.
A) chipped in
B) cleared away 
  C) caught up
D) checked out

4) Last month when my mother was cleaning the attic she ___ an old scrapbook full of pictures I had drawn when I was in elementary school.
A) cheered up
B) checked in
  C) came across
D) cleaned up 

5) Shelia ___ a really bad cold yesterday, she is going to go see the doctor later today.
A) caught up
B) came down with 
  C) came across
D) cleaned up 

6) David and Mark were going to go to New York to watch the World Series but 
they ___ because going to New York is too intimidating.
A) chewed out
B) checked out of
  C) cheered up 
D) chickened out

7) Lisa ___ a book on macramé at the library yesterday.
A) cleaned up
B) checked out 
  C) caught up with
D) chewed out

8) I made dinner last night, so my boyfriend ___ the dirty dishes and the leftover food.
A) cleaned up
B) chickened out
  C) came across
D) chipped in

9) When I saw that the dog was going to get run over by a car,  I ___ to it in hopes that it would hear me and move out of the street.
A) came down with
B) came across
  C) checked out 
D) called out 

10) Debbie's sister is so hyper.  I wish she would ___ because it is not appropriate to be so loud and obnoxious in a library.
A) chew out
B) chicken out 
  C) calm down
D) check in 

You havecorrect answers out of 10

*Many thanks go to Cori Klassen for donating these quiz questions!*

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