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Vocabulary Study Cards

An organized system of learning vocabulary is essential! One useful method of studying vocabulary is to make vocabulary cards. Follow the format below - or develop your own format - to make vocabulary cards as you study. Use pre-made index cards, or make your own.

template: sample vocabulary card:

NEW WORD  (part of speech)
Original sentence (Write the sentence where you found the vocabulary word here.) 

Write the definition from the dictionary here.

Write your own example here. 
Related Words:



illiterate  (adj.)
Many illiterate people in the United States are immigrants where education wasn’t available or was denied. (Tapestry, page 64)

not literate; unable to read or write (il = not) 

Many poor people in my country are illiterate.

synonyms: unlearned, ignorant, unlettered
literate (adj) / literacy (n) /illiteracy (adj)
functional illiterate (n) - a person who can read a little but does not meet a minimum standard of literacy
functionally illiterate (adj)
literature = stories and writings


*File the cards in a small file box or make a hole in the corner to put a ring in.
*Sort the cards in alphabetical order, by chapter, or by parts of speech.
*Review your cards every day.

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