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Synonyms 2

Synonyms are words that have the same meaning or nearly the same meaning.
Choose the correct synonyms for the underlined words:

1) You must have a permit to learn to drive in California.
license permission certificate

2) The antonym of 'hot' is 'cold.'
synonym adjective opposite

3) The worker was compensated after the accident.
paid decided neutralized

4) It is prohibited to smoke in a restaurant in California.
expected forbidden standard

5) Do you recall your fifth birthday?
plan remember again

6) Please curb your anger. Screaming will not help the situation.
release restrain encourage

7) The robbery prompted the neighbors to install security lights.
worried suited urged

8) The football players hustled onto the field.
decreased hurried convenient

 9) In stories, vampires have an appetite for blood.
hunger dislike allergy

10) Photographs can be very sentimental. They can make a person laugh or cry.
unfair enthusiasm emotional

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