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Synonyms 1

Synonyms are words that have the same meaning or nearly the same meaning.
Choose the correct synonyms for the underlined words:

1) His task was to take out the trash.
millstone job headache

2) Teachers assign homework.
duty oblige give

3) The pioneers settled villages.
established associated decided

4) He transposed the letters g and d.
So, he spelled "dog" instead of "god".
alienated changed associated

5) Put these words in alphabetical sequence.
issue arrangement files

6) Roses can thrive in all climates.
decrease live bury

7) The police apprehended the criminal.
appreciated visualized caught

8) What do you foresee happening to the criminal?
alienate anticipate decrease

9) Choose one appropriate word to fill in the blank.
suitable convenient unfair

10) A judge should be just, efficient, but compassionate.
associated unfair honest

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