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RELATIONSHIPS 5 - Family Relationships

1) Milly and Jilly are:
cousins twins spouses

2) Sam, Steve, and Serena are:
spouses triplets siblings

3) Peter is Max's:
great-grandson grandson great-grandfather

4) Billy and Willy are:
triplets twins spouses

5) Milly, Jilly, Billy, and Willy are:
quadruplets siblings cousins

6) Nicky and Nelson are
brother-in-laws brothers-in-law brother-in-law

7) Mary is Patty's:
grandmother-in-law great-aunt great-grandmother

8) Nina and Beth are:
sister-in-laws sisters-in-law sisters-in-laws

9) Joe and Serena are:
spouses wives siblings

10) Peter, Patty, and Patrick are:
spouses siblings cousins

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