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Qualities generally
considered positive:
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Qualities generally
considered negative:
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ambitious angry 
brave annoying 
bold apathetic 
carefree argumentative 
careful bad 
caring bad-tempered 
cautious big-headed 
charming boring 
cheerful cantankerous 
conventional careless 
conservative close-minded 
crazy cold-hearted 
dependable conceited 
diligent cowardly 
earnest crass 
enjoyable crotchety 
entertaining cruel 
extroverted dishonest 
free-spirited disloyal 
friendly dull 
fun dull-witted 
fun-loving dumb 
generous flirtatious 
giving full of oneself 
good ill-tempered 
good-natured insane 
happy introverted 
hard-working jealous 
honest jumpy 
kind lazy 
laid-back loud 
lively mean 
loyal mealy-mouthed 
lovely miserly 
loving moody 
modest narrow-minded 
naive naughty 
nuts nervous 
open-minded obnoxious 
optimistic overbearing 
polite overwhelming 
proud pessimistic 
realistic petty 
reliable quarrelsome 
self-confident small-minded 
sensible selfish 
sensitive shy 
sympathetic stubborn 
talkative strict 
trustworthy two-faced 
understanding unfriendly 

Questions? Comments? Mistakes?

self-conscious: insecure
self-righteous: smug, sanctimonious, self-satisfied, superior
tight-fisted: ungenerous, miserly, mean, stingy
to be tactless: not have tact, be unintentionally impolite
rude: (false friend) impolite
rash: impetuous, impulsive
clumsy: awkward, uncoordinated, inept
doer: person who "does", active person
outgoing: extrovert
self-centred: selfish, egocentric
ruthless: brutal, cruel, merciless, relentless, without pity
straight-forward: uncomplicated
selfish: egotistical
quick-witted: alert, astute, smart
resourceful: clever, capable, ingenious, inventive
two-faced: insincere
threatened: under attack, menaced
fickle: changeable, unpredictable, volatile
whimsical: capricious
nevertheless: however, despite this
self-assured: confident, self-confident
to come across (intransitive): seem, appear
bossy: authoritarian, despotic, dictatorial
boastful: arrogant, having a tendency to talk about his/her successes (= "victories")
gullible: credulous, innocent, naive
flattery: adulation, sycophancy
shy: timid
humble: modest
methodical: meticulous, systematic
picky: critical, fussy
petty: obsessed about unimportant details
truthful: sincere, honest
reliable: dependable, predictable, responsible, trustworthy
easy-going: relaxed
carefree: untroubled, without worries (=preoccupations), easy-going
spiteful: vindictive
scatological: (semi-false friend) showing an unpleasant interest in excrement, sex and death. strong-willed: determined, resolute
to be aware of: be conscious of
withdrawn: reserved
forthright: frank, direct, candid
control-freak: person who needs to be controlling everything and everyone.
sensible: (false friend) responsible
thoughtful: contemplative, pensive, reflective
moody: melancholic, sullen
gentle: tender
lively: vivacious
stubborn: obstinate
selfless: altruistic, self-sacrificing
unstable: unbalanced
fickle: changeable, unpredictable, volatile
weak-willed: indecisive